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Harlacher NOV2017

Rolf Harlacher

Director Maintenance a.i.
Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland

Association member since 2017. Electronic Engineer trained by Swissair to IERA- mechanic (Instruments, Electro, Radio and Automatics). Since 1977 Flight Engineer for several airlines on HS-660 Argosy and DC-8. From 1990 Flight Engineer B-747 Jumbo Jet with Lufthansa. Additionally Instructor and Examiner for Flight Engineers, with regular checks as Instructor/Examiner or Flight Engineer on a B-747-Simulator in Dubai or London, still working as Flight Engineer transferring B-747.

Werner Spichtig def

Werner Spichtig

Zurich, Switzerland

Werner Spichtig is our mechanic, and an important part of the Breitling Super Constellation maintenance team. He holds FAA aircraft mechanic certificates, specializing in B737 through B777, and A300 through A340. His former employers include Swissair, British Airways, and Lufthansa.
Since completing his apprenticeship as aircraft mechanic over 30 years ago, Werner Spichtig has been working on various types of aircraft, including fixed wing, helicopters, piston and turbine powered airplanes both for commercial as well as private aviation, flying clubs, and even for the Swiss military.

Markus Aerne def

Markus Aerne

Villmergen, Switzerland

Markus Aerne began his career as a machine fitter, working on gas turbine electrical plants in Switzerland and abroad. He worked as a Certifying Engineer for Swissair Technics from 1988 to 2000, specializing in DC10, B747, A310, and MD11, as well as A320, A330, A 340-200/300, and 500/600. In 2001, Markus Aerne began working as a Technical Assistant, Aircraft Groundtime Manager, and CI Coordinator.Thanks to his extensive experience, he was often sent abroad all over the world to mainenance and repair aircrafts.

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